Saturday, 30 April 2016

April is Ending and May Beginning

Hello Everyone,

Today is the last day to order from the Seasonal Expressions 1. There are some awesome products
in the book. Studio J will no longer be available after today. If you have any unfinished projects they will need to be done today.

Tomorrow is the start of National Scrapbooking Month and the Happy Times paper pack and stamp set.  With a $70 purchase can order the paper pack for free. You can purchase the the paper pack as well for $17.75. You will be able to check it out tomorrow on my website.

Seasonal Expressions 2 starts tomorrow. The paper packs are beautiful. I had a hard time trying to choose what I would like to show my customers first.

I am still in the middle of sorting my scrapbook room and am making progress. I have had fun finding things I forgot I had and letting go of things I know I will never use as they have been here for a long time (years). I will be exploring the selling of some tools that I don't use anymore such as cutters and such. Parting with them will make more room for future tools if they are required. LOL

Check out my website for the May Stamp of the Month.

There will be a number of stamp sets retiring in July. If you wish to know which ones please contact me so you don't miss out on that stamp set you may have really wanted.

Take care and have a great day.


Friday, 8 April 2016


I realized the other day that I had not updated my blog.

I am in the middle of a mess and had to move things around as work is being done on my bedroom. It has been almost a year trying to find someone that had time to come and work on it. The things you find when this starts is amazing.

I will be off to town soon so that I can pick out paint colours and light fixtures. I am looking forward to the bedroom being done.

I am looking for new kitchen cupboards as well so have some planning to do. I have to get packing boxes and pack some things from my upper cabinets on the one end as we discovered that there is no support wall. Well what we thought was a support wall is not. I think it is a good thing that we found that out before I ordered the new cupboards.

I am still sorting and getting my scrapbook room  organized and slowly purchasing storage items. It will hopefully be done soon. I will be working on it this weekend.

I have started my memory quilts that I have put off for 10 years. I think I can now work on them. I got many squares cut out at the Glidden function and I think that I am going to work on them at Shekinah as well. I may take some scrapbook stuff that I have prepared in case I decide to take a break from quilting.

My granddaughter is turning 1 this month. I have been busy crocheting for her. She is getting a cute little hat and a blanket and some other things.

This is the last month to order from the  Expressions 1 catalogue. The new book will be starting May 1. It has some amazing new product. I am lucky as a consultant to preview and use the new product this month.

Have a great month.