Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pictures Needed

I keep thinking that I should get my camera out and take pictures of the pages we scrapbook at club. I forgot again.I will get better at this I am sure as I grow as a consultant.
The pages the ladies created were awesome and I would love to show evryone what they have have created.  We all did the same basic design.  Everyone then added extra pictures and embellisments as needed to create their pages.
One of the ladies was ill and could not come and we all missed her being at club. Hopefully she is feeling better soon and we can get together to work on her project.
Today is clean up day and then maybe some scrapbooking and definitely more curling. 
I finished my Whoo's your Valentine kit.  Now to add the candies. I think I will give them out to my hostesses over the next while. Once they have candy in them I will take pictures and post them.
I am going to try a new technique this week and practice it for our June, use up paper and embellishment, club project.  It will be fun to learn more new things and to teach them.
I enjoy getting together with others that enjoy scrapbooking to share ideas and to have fun.  There are some very talented ladies in the club and it is fun to see what each of them comes up with each time. 
Have a great day and a great week everyone.  Happy scrapbooking and crafting.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

New Things

I was going to go back to Scrapbooking/Cardmaking day and add pictures.  Here are the pages we did on that day.  We all had chosen different  pictures to make the pages.  I hopefully will receive the pictures of the other ladies pages soon. I really need to remember to bring my camera.
Here are the pages that I did using the layout book by CTMH.  I like the layout books especially when I am stuck or not feeling very inspired.  You can use the layout ideas choosing your own paper and embellishments then putting it all together.

These irises are in a flower bed at my sister's house. They were so beautiful that I had to take pictures of them.  Then the Chantilly paper was my inspiration for scrapbooking them.  The stamp used on the second page is an old stamp by CTMH.  It went perfectly for these pages as it was about summer and blooms.

The next pictures are of the cards I made using the Claire paper pack and the dimensional hearts.  The CTMH markers made colouring the hearts very easy.

These are the pages I did using the January stamp of the month.  The first page I followed the design ideas, for the January stamp of the month, to a point as my picture was not as large as the one used for the layout. The right hand page I used a layout design from the book, From Your Heart, as a guide and did my own thing.  These are pictures of my mother and father-in-law.  The picture on the left picked up some funky colour that is not on the original picture.  I think I need to find a different place to take pictures of my art work.  I used the Clementine paper pack to do these pages.

Now I am going to add a picture of the flowers my husband got me for our 29th Anniversary. Have a great Sunday everyone and Happy Scrapbooking.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013


I am posting some treat tubes made by my daughter for her classroom.

She held a gathering and was hoping that all her inks and such would be here to get the treat tubes done in time to take to school.  The order arrived Monday and she had all of them done to take to school today.
She said it took over 2 hours to make but I think the results were worth it.

Nice work Kyla.

Not A Nice Day (Weather Wise)

Hopefully everyone travelling today will do so safely.  It is icy, slushy, etc and travel is not recommended.

I was going to deliver orders today but by the time I got home I knew that was not going to happen.
I was going to deliver them on my way to another meeting.

Travel is not recommended.  Sorry ladies that you may have to wait a day or two to receive your most awesome CTMH stuff. Thanks for your patience.

I got some small cards done using the Claire paper pack. I decided I like them and once I get myself in gear
I will take pictures and add them here.  I will also add the picture of the second page from our scrapbooking day.

I will post other pictures with the different ideas they came up with to do the second pages if they give their permission to do so. So talented all of them. Great ideas and fun sharing them.

Have a great rest of the day everyone.  It is a great day to stay inside and enjoy scrapbooking or cardmaking or just having a cup of tea and relaxing.

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Scrapbooking/Cardmaking Day

Hi everyone.

It was a great day yesterday with a group of awesome ladies.  We had fun and got to share our projects that we were working on.

We made two pages in the workshop and they all turned out fabulous.  We are a very talented group of ladies.

To those of you who could not make it this time maybe you will be able to in the fall.  We missed
you being there.  I hope you all had a great day.

We are looking a doing another one the end of September or sometime in October.  We were thinking of this time frame and would like some feedback.

Thanks to everyone who came out yesterday and shared in the fun.  I am looking forward to the next one.

Have a great day everyone.

Friday, 8 February 2013

Muslin Bags & Other Things

This is the February stamp of the month.  You can check this out on my website by clicking on the link on the side.  You can get the instructions to make these projects there as well.

I am stamping on the muslin bags.  I think they make a very nice thank you gift or
a gift for a friend with some bath salts or candy for Valentines.

Here are the pictures of the bags.  Some I like and some are okay.  I was just trying some things as I had a little insomnia last night.

I also made a star.  It is hanging in my scrapbooking room.  It is nice and bright as I used the Chantilly paper to make it. I still have paper and bling left over from the scrapbook on the go.

I am dying a muslin bag.  I chose to dye it with Pear reinker.  I started with a  cup of water and that was not a good choice as the colour (30 drops of reinker) was not dark enough.  I then emptied out half the water (of course with colour added).  I had 1/2 cup of water left and then added 30 more drops.  So total I had 60 drops of reinker in the bag.

Well I tried this and I think I need some more trials. The colour I chose was not dark enough.  I decided to rinse the bag under the tap and it turned a pretty orange colour. This is the final result.

My Daughter and Chantilly by CTMH

These are the pages I created using the Chantilly workshop.

My one page is a little different than the  instructions called for as I cannot read late at night during my insomnia (lol).  A word to the wise is to cut the paper earlier in the evening.

It is a good job that the kits have as much paper in them as they do.  I love the brightness of the paper and the colours.

These are the pages we will be doing for club this month.  I had fun with these
pictures as my daughter loves to ham it up when I am playing around with my camera.

The funniest faces were taken when I had played with the colour settings on my

I showed her the pages before I put them on my blog. She laughed as we all looked
at them at her gathering.  She has an excellent sense of humour.

Happy Scrapbooking Everyone.

Friday, 1 February 2013


The Workshop On The Go Cardmaking Kits are easy to follow and I can get 15 cards done in 3-4 hours.

The first cards are  made using the Pear and Partridge cardmaking kit.  It is no longer available but I wanted to share how pretty they look.  

The next three cards are the Chantilly cardmaking kit.  I love the bright colours of the Chantilly kit.  

Hope you check these out on my website.  Just click on the link on the side to get there. 

There is a new book and the new product is wonderful.  I love the colours and the nature and summer themes.

Have a great day.

Some New Things

I have been scrapbooking and and here are some pictures.  I just realized that I have some more pictures to take of the Pear & Partridge cards from the card kit that I made.  I will do that later.

Here are the pages I finished using the Pear and Partridge workshop on the go by Close To My Heart.
The pictures are form my youngest sons first Christmas. I am finally getting them done. He is now 19. I love the workshops on the go. I bought an extra pack of paper so I could finish the rest of the pictures.

 I still need to Journal the pages.  That will take a day or two as I am trying to get some things done
before I leave to do my daughters gathering.

I love this page.  The iris is from my sister's house. They were beautiful.  I can't wait to do this page with all the fabulous women that will be attending the scrapbooking day on February 9th.
This page was made using the Close to My Heart Chantilly paper from the new catalogue.
I also used the colour ready seam binding for the first time and it was easy to do and I could colour any colour I wanted.

This is the mess after doing the page.  Some cleaning  was required so I could finish the Christmas pages.  I was having fun doing this page and was quite pleased with myself that I got it done and it looked good.
I then had to write out the instructions and now they are done as well.  I think I may be ready.

Here are the projects I am doing for my daughters gathering.
The little box is made with a sheet of paper from the For Always paper pack. It is really cute.
The little card is made with paper from the Chantilly paper pack and twilight cardstock. The stamps are from the Hello Blooms and Hello Tweety stamp sets.        
The box was cut using the Cricuit Artiste cartridge from Close to My Heart.