Sunday, 24 February 2013

Pictures Needed

I keep thinking that I should get my camera out and take pictures of the pages we scrapbook at club. I forgot again.I will get better at this I am sure as I grow as a consultant.
The pages the ladies created were awesome and I would love to show evryone what they have have created.  We all did the same basic design.  Everyone then added extra pictures and embellisments as needed to create their pages.
One of the ladies was ill and could not come and we all missed her being at club. Hopefully she is feeling better soon and we can get together to work on her project.
Today is clean up day and then maybe some scrapbooking and definitely more curling. 
I finished my Whoo's your Valentine kit.  Now to add the candies. I think I will give them out to my hostesses over the next while. Once they have candy in them I will take pictures and post them.
I am going to try a new technique this week and practice it for our June, use up paper and embellishment, club project.  It will be fun to learn more new things and to teach them.
I enjoy getting together with others that enjoy scrapbooking to share ideas and to have fun.  There are some very talented ladies in the club and it is fun to see what each of them comes up with each time. 
Have a great day and a great week everyone.  Happy scrapbooking and crafting.

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