Sunday, 2 April 2017

April 2017

Hello Everyone,
I am back posting on my blog. Have been quite busy and away for most of December and all of January. Then some family stuff and so on.

Hope to be back scrapbooking shortly. I have some to finish. Well lots to finish as I have not been doing much.

I am working on a couple of quilts and hope to have them finished soon.  They have been 10 years in the making. Well actually 11.  Now to finish tying them and sew the binding. I did get one done.

I hope you all have been crafting and scrapbooking.

I am hoping to get a newsletter done at some point.  Also to  work on an event possibly in the near future.

Have a great Sunday and hope you are all enjoying some sunshine today like we are here.

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Yes my website has changed to a Canada one. Yay!!! You can still access it through my old one if you have it book marked already.