Friday, 12 September 2014

Moving Rooms Around

Hello Everyone,

I have been busy learning to use a new tool on the web. It has been interesting and fun.

I have not been doing much scrapbooking as I am moving three rooms around so that I may have more room for my quilting and scrapbooking. So the spare room stuff is waiting to go into my old scrapbooking room. That is going to be a huge job to empty the scrapbooking room but needs to be done before next weekend.

I was going to start club this month but due to moving stuff around that will have to wait until October.

I am still hosting the Base and Bling next weekend and showing off the new product.  Come out one and all and see the new product. It is awesome.

Have a great day everyone.  If I do not post for a day or two you now know why. Off to get more stuff moved.

Have a great day and happy crafting.


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