Friday, 28 November 2014


Well haven't been posting much. I am trying to get my year end done and month end done. I would sooner be in my scrapbook room but maybe this weekend.

I have to take pictures  of a project or two and get them on here.

I have to print a picture. I had them all printed and moved a picture for the layout I was doing forgetting  I had moved my ink pad and ended up with ink on my picture. Hmmmm...... Should remember that I moved the ink pad. LOL

Hope all my American neighbours had a great Thanksgiving with family and friends and are having a great weekend.

Hope all my family and friends are staying safe and that the weather improves over the next few days. Snow days are great when you have time to be in your crafting room.

Take care everyone and I think I will enjoy my snow days this weekend. Mind you we aren't getting the snow that some areas are getting.

Off to bake gluten free lemon squares for Sunday. They are the best and my husband forbade me to make them. He doesn't usually eat desert but these..............


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