Thursday, 28 May 2015

Card Buffet

Hello Everyone,

I am planning on running a card buffet in the fall. 
If you are interested in joining the fun please contact me.
There will be a couple of rules.  The main one is All cards have to be made that evening before you leave.

There will be more details later in June.  The information will also be in the July newsletter.

The buffet will be held at my place and I am looking at the first Monday and Tuesday of the first full week of each month. You will have your choice of days unless the one day is full. I have room for 6 people each night. I may be able to squeeze in 7.  It will be fun.

Have a great weekend and I hope the weather is nice. 

I am off to try my hand at something new. Soapstone carving! I guess we will see how that goes. I think the only things I don't have are carving tools but I figured I didn't need them until I decide if this new adventure is something I wish to pursue.

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