Thursday, 1 September 2016

Events and More

Check my event on the sidebar.  I am looking forward to having fun and getting back into crafting.
Check out my facebook page as well. My event and newsletter will post later today.

The weather looked like rain today and now the sun is shining brightly.

The golf course is calling and it will have to wait as there are things that are required to be done.  I do have to find an oven element. Tried cooking last night and thought hmmmm the beeper had not gone. Decided to check it out as it had been almost hour (so I realized) and still not where it should be. Supper changed and broil it was.  Turned out and was quite good.

There are so many new products out and I would like them all.  I guess a few at a time over the year will work. I am hoping to play some time today and make a list of the things I would like from both idea books and then choose the priority ones.

I am looking forward to the new colours and the new stamp pads. I am looking forward to the Work Place Wonder being available.  It looks like it will be awesome.

Have fun checking out all the new stuff.

Have a great day.

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