Sunday, 3 March 2013

Buzz and Bumble

Below are the pictures of the Buzz and Bumble workshop by CTMH.
I cut all pieces first and organized them according to page.  I then stamped, coloured and cut all the pieces such as flowers and flagging.  I then measured and stamped on the pages as required.
I then sponged everything except the white mats for the pictures.
I chose all the pictures for the pages and decided where they would go and then cut them to fit the mats.
I cut 2 extra mats for the first page for the 4x6 picture I used so that it would look better on the 5x7 mat.  One mat was 1/4 inch bigger than the picture and the next mat was 1/4 inch bigger than the first mat. Then they were all put together and attached to the white mat. I raised this mat and then put a journal box in behind it.  
For page 3 I did not have a 10x8 so I cut 6 pictures that fit the space.  That way I also got to use more pictures and would save a page or two.  I am finally getting our Denver trip done.  Only a few more pages to go. 
Some of my pictures are a little blurry.  I think I need to use a tripod.          

Happy Scrapbooking Everyone and I hope you all were safe and warm today as the snow fell and blew everywhere.

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