Thursday, 30 January 2014

Background Challenge

Well here goes the pattern explanation and hopefully it makes sense.

A customer wanted to know how to do the background for the Later Sk8r page in the SS Idea book for 2013 page 47. I said I don't know and then after club was done proceeded to try to recreate the page. After spending a few days trying to recreate the background I had a brilliant idea (why I didn't have it earlier I am not sure) to contact CTMH and ask them how it was made.  They answered and here what I did using the basic information.  

First you need the Cricut cartridge Artiste and turn to page 38. I cut one shift 3D object and I used the 6"size.

Page 38  Cricut Artiste Cartridge
You will need the pattern 10, for the size of the photos and basic layout, from Make It from Your Heart book 1.

Then came the trial and error part.  I finally got it the way I wanted it.  I wanted an 11 inch background. So here is what I did.
1st I measured 1/2 inch in on all sides of my white daisy cardstock.  I marked 7/16th on one of the cogs (the cog was about 13/16).  I then started with the pointed end (all markings are on the page) lining the top up with the  line marked on the edge, the line on the cog lined up with the other line and traced around the top and side of the cog. then I moved over 9/16th and traced around the entire cog (always lining the top up as I moved with the 1/2 inch line). I then joined the bottom of both. I then moved over 10/16 from the previous cog and did the same thing tracing and drawing the lines five more times.I drew a straight line as you can see 6/16ths and the adjoining corner is 8/16ths.  I continued around the paper.  When I had it the way I wanted it I then used a black jiffy to draw the dark lines.  I still have to cut it out so I can use it. It really didn't take long once I got going.

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