Friday, 18 January 2013

New Catalogues and Product

My new catalogues have arrived and some of the new product I ordered. 

I am excited to share the new product and books and my daughter is the lucky one to see it first as her booking for her gathering the 2nd of February.

I wish I could order all the new product at one time but alas I cannot. I will work on it though.  There are just so many great products.

The weather is not very nice as it is getting colder.  I hope it is clear and the roads are good tomorrow as

I am holding a scrapbooking/carding making day and 4 of my friends are coming.  It will be an awesome day.  Great friends visiting and sharing while working on the projects they are passionate about.

I wish everyone a great day. 

I love the Saskatchewan sky. I find it relaxing, vibrant and wild at times. A scrapbooking project for the near future I do believe.


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