Sunday, 5 May 2013

A New Month and Back on Track

Hello everyone,
I am getting back on track now that year end and month end and my scrapbooking weekend is done.  All scrapbooking stuff is put away and I am ready to go again.

I will post pictures this week as to what we have been up to at club for April and also some from our weekend that we were storm stayed.  Oh yes a scrapbooker's dream.  We scrapbooked until 3 am or there about and then off to bed.  Up again at 7 and we got a few things done before being rescued. My vehicle had to have a sleep over for a couple of days as my husband to to pick me up in his truck.  A great weekend being had by all.

Then my scrapbook weekend at the end of April and  no extended stay there.  Great weekend with 48 other women doing what we love to do.  We left on the 28th and the retreat centers parking lot and lower land flooded the next day as the North Saskatchewan River had ice jams.  They had pictures and they were canoeing in the parking lot were we had been the day before.

Well off for now and will work at posting pictures this week.
Have a great one.

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