Monday, 27 May 2013

Tommy Pages

Our club in May we worked on Tommy pages.

We had fun doing the pages.  There were only two ladies and myself as one of the ladies had to work and the other had an exciting day planned with her daughter as they went to pick up the grad dress.

I hope to get together with them and get their pages done and then I can put them on here as well.

I was as Art School again this year taking photography with the focus on manual operation and landscape photos.  Up early, very early to catch the sunrise.  The sunrise was more awesome that my pictures. LOL

I had fun and learned a lot.  We learned to work with our pictures using Photoshop and now I will be able to make some a little better.  I will have some scrapbook pages to do for this time.  

Here are the pages my ladies did.  Mine have no pictures as I changed my mind on what I was going to use. I still have not decided but the pages are done and ready.

My pages with no pictures.  They will have some by the end of June.

Shirley's pages that are most awesome.

Sharon's pages that are most awesome also.

The ladies sure have style.  It is awesome the way they take the ideas and run with them making the pages their own.  

Next month it will be  using up scraps and using the Cricut. 

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