Monday, 27 May 2013

Glidden April 2013

A little behind but I am going to be caught up on what I have been up to along with club members.

We got storm stayed overnight due to a storm.  It was a fun evening with the attendance of the scary doll.  The four of us that were not brave to attempt the roads stayed overnight. It was a good job we stayed and we got to do more scrapbooking. We borrowed bedding and pillows from Carla and slept on the carpet on the stage.  Thanks Carla for the blankets and such.

We packed up in the morning as soon as they had the roads open and I had to leave my car in Glidden.  It was one lane traffic on the highway and a little tense going up the hills where you weren't sure another vehicle was coming the other way.

Here are some pictures from that day.
Thanks Sharon Awesome Pages

Our Friend That Joined Us - The Scary Doll

The drifts and snow the morning after.  I could only back my car  up.  Luckily they  had plowed  some of the drifts so I could get my car over for a sleep over at my sister-in-laws.

Awesome Canvas Shirley.  

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